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[ Princess Rue Toadstool is in a playful mood today. ]

Oh, Autor~! Autor Toadsworth? Were you looking for me? ♥
He did not love her. It did not matter what he said, what he did that he thought would prove it. It wasn't true. Perhaps it had been once, or perhaps she'd always been a fool, a meal for him, a body to lay with. Her hand came down to brush her hip. A body...

She'd been an idiot for thinking he was anything like her prince. He looked like him yes, and he was kind and gentle, never sparing her any affection. But, she'd realized, he's never spared it for anyone else either. Even that low, filthy red-haired man who thought he was a king. He was not worthy enough to so much as touch his boots, yet she had seen him kiss him, seen him touch him with the same affection he'd given her, something she'd thought belonged to only her. How wrong she'd been.

And he'd had the gall to act like it was nothing, like her jealousy was something irrational and silly. And he'd just stood there as she yelled at him, never doing or saying anything to defend himself. She'd left then, more furious at his inaction than anything else. Now she was far away from the catacombs, at least halfway across town, almost to the lake. It still wasn't far enough.

She reached up, scratching absently at her neck. The bite was at least a week old, but tonight it itched like a fire was beneath her skin, and no amount of scratching would relieve it.

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